• Introduction to Sentry360’s New FullSight™ Multi-Sensor Immersive Camera

    This is a recorded live Webinar hosted by Thomas Carnevale, Founder and CEO of Sentry360. Topic: FullSight™ Multi-Sensor Immersive Camera Date: March 7th, 2017

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  • The next major step in Single-Sensor Panoramic Cameras

    In this webinar you will learn the advancements of single-sensor panoramic cameras. Where they came-from and most importantly the intuitive improvements of low-light compensation. Sentry360 the pioneer of fisheye dewarping is launching the 1st backward compatible (within the VMS community) 12 Megapixel Built-In IR to the market with client-side dewarping.  Hosted by our Founder/CEO Thomas Carnevale. Key Takeaways: • Core...

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  • A Look into the Largest 360° Camera Deployment in Mass Transit History

    In this case-study webinar, we will be discussing: • The background on the deployment of over 3600 cameras on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Railcars • The original proposal by the CTA vs. the cost-saving Sentry360 / Teleste Solution • A comprehensive overview of the manufacturer side (Sentry360) and the video management side (Teleste) • Crime reduction and overall increased...

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