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Sentry360 Video Analytics

  • Abandoned Object

    Behavior detection and the ability to recognize objects that have stayed in the defined area for longer than the user-defined time.

  • Adaptive Motion Detection

    Adaptive Motion Algorithm will learn the surrounding area over time and adjust to weather.

  • Camera Sabotage

    Alarm is triggered if the camera detects an obstruction such as a cloth or spray paint.

  • Directional Motion

    Specified motion detection in a heavy traffic area such as an airport.

  • Loitering Detection

    Detection of people or vehicles staying in an area longer than defined by the user.

  • Object Counting

    Ability to count objects and people within a user-defined area.

  • Object Removal

    An object being removed from a user-defined area starts an alarm.

  • Stopped Vehicle

    Alarm is activated if a vehicle is present in the user-defined area for longer than the specified period of time.

Abandoned Object

The Abandoned Object Behavior Detects Objects

placed within a pre-defined target-area and triggers an alarm if objects remain in the target-area longer than the user-defined time allows.

Adaptive Motion Detection

The Adaptive Motion Algorithm Detects And Tracks Objects

that enter a scene and triggers an alarm when the objects enter a user-defined target area. AMD is a reliable solution for both indoors and outdoors to track a few moving objects in uncrowded applications. The algorithm will learn the background scene over time and dynamically adjusts to varying degrees of weather like rain, snow, fog, or wind.

Camera Sabotage

The Camera Sabotage bBehavior Detects Contrast Changes In The Field

of view, and triggers an alarm if the lens is obstructed by spray paint, a cloth, or if it is covered with a lens cap. Any unauthorized repositioning of the imaging device also triggers an alarm.

Directional Motion

The Directional Motion Behavior Generates An Alarm In A High Traffic Area

when a person or object moves in a specific direction. The ideal applications for this behavior include airports, entrances/exits, and fences.

Loitering Detection

The Loitering Detection Behavior Identifies People Or Vehicles

that remain and ‘loiter’ position within a target-area longer than the user-defined time allowed. This can deliver effective real-time notifications of suspicious behavior to on-site security staff. Potential applications: ATMs, stairwells, and school grounds.

Object Removal

The Object Removal Analytic Behavior Triggers An Alarm

if an object is removed from a user-defined target-area. It is ideal for detecting if objects are occupying a larger proportion inside the pre-defined region-of-interest, such as a painting from a wall or a statue placement on a pedestal.

Object Counting

The Object Counting Behavior Counts And Analyzes The Number Of Objects

that enter a user-defined target-area. This behavior can be used to count people at a store entrance/exit. The object counting rule can also monitor vehicle traffic on highways, local streets/roads, parking lots, and garages.

Stopped Vehicle

The Stopped Vehicle Behavior Detects Vehicles Stopped Near A Specific Area

(i.e. no parking zone), and sets an alarm if the vehicle exists inside the area for longer than user-defined period of time. This behavior is ideal for parking enforcement, identifying suspicious parking, finding traffic lane break-downs, and spotting vehicles waiting at gates.