• Briefcam

    Briefcam and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value Briefcam is a unique software that works by separating moving objects within the image from the background and tracks important information such as the date, time, object color, size and duration of movements. When this technology is combined with Sentry360’s full range of 180° or 360° cameras the situational coverage is beyond compare. This...

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  • Salient

    Salient and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value Salient Systems and Sentry360 finalized their full integration in 2014 providing clients with a better platform for high megapixel cameras and full 360° integration. Salient Systems CompleteView VMS offers 3 scalable options for projects of any size, CompleteView ONE, CompleteView Pro, and CompleteView Enterprise. Salient’s VMS comes equipped with a feature that lowers bandwidth...

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    ONSSI and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value ONSSI offers their comprehensive VMS in a straightforward, three tier model to simplify the design and decision process. Ocularis, their comprehensive VMS, comes in Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions, all of which are compatible with the Sentry360 Open-Platform Server/Switch NVR. This solution provides a scalable and open-architecture system that reduces cost and enables a...

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  • Genetec

    Genetec and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value Sentry360 and Genetec provide an IP surveillance solution that allows for budgeted growth on a unified enterprise-class security platform. Security Center™, Genetec’s IP video management system is scalable and can easily incorporate the full range of Sentry360’s innovative 360° technology allowing for additional cost savings by minimizing camera counts. On top of utilizing Ultra-HD...

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  • Milestone

    Milestone Sentry360’s versatile product line combined with Milestone’s business ready options provide one of the most adaptable, scalable solutions in the industry. Our combined solution has had unparalleled success in airports, stadiums, and transportation markets across the world.  The Universal Milestone DeWarping™ Plugin, developed by Sentry360, utilizes our patented DeWarping™ algorithm to correct the fisheye’s perspective view and display single or multiple...

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  • 3vr

    3VR and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value: To certify full compatibility with their VisionPoint™ VMS, 3VR tests all cameras from manufacturing partners in their labs. This testing has proven that Sentry360’s panoramic camera technology is one of the leading, most progressive solutions when teamed with the VisionPoint™ VMS system. The impressive user interface is a favorite in the finance industry and...

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