BCDVideo’s Powerful Approach to a Complete Solution

BCDVideo SentryMobile Docking Station

Sentry Mobile Body Cameras

SentryMobile’s Body Cams powered by BCDVideo are a complete solution for mobile solutions in a number of industries. The complete solution known as the Body Cam series allows for storage and high-performance recording with the easiest installation possible.  Every Body Cam complete package comes with everything needed to start recording right away including storage that not only reduces cost but also provides high-end utility for any industry.

The powerful solution created by Sentry360 and BCDVideo fulfills the long-term need for a cutting edge solution that combines incredible storage with outstanding surveillance. 

BCDVideo provides video storage solutions for the global market. BCDVideo’s mission is to provide the public with innovation that exceeds expectations and allow a custom-built approach that enriches every project.

The Greatest Utility for any Location!


The SentryMobile and BCDVideo Body Cam series is perfect for Airports as it can store data on-site and cover extensive ground of surveillance.

Correctional Facilities

It is obvious that security is important at correctional facilities and the SentryMobile + BCDVideo package is a great way to ensure that everyone is safe at these facilities.

Educational Institutions

Security is an important aspect of Colleges, Schools and Universities. The SentryMobile solution provides on-site storage and powerful video surveillance creating a more secure educational environment.


Security is an important element for the healthcare industry and SentryMobile Body Cams are a great solution to fulfill the need for security.

Retail Locations

Retail outlets are usually a high traffic area with the need for high-performance recording. Additional storage provided by the Body Cam will be greatly beneficial in such locations.

Training Centers

Training centers benefit greatly from video analytics and our Body Cams are a great resource which can provide video analytics.

SentryMobile is a Powerful Solution for Mobile Surveillance in any Situation!

Vertical Markets


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Benefits of BCDVideo and SentryMobile’s Solution

  • Cost Reduction
  • Complete Solution
  • Ready to Utilize by Integrators and End-Users
  • No Required Software Updates
  • Weather Rating of IP67
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures