SeeTec and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value

SeeTec’sCayuga VMS software is an uncluttered, uncomplicated system which gives users the ability to learn how to operate the software quickly and easily. Designed into a system with Sentry360 the end user has access to two solid support teams and a variety of online training through both companies. Unique functions such as bookmarking, selection pins, and the shuttlewheel in conjunction with Sentry360’s advanced digital pan tilt zoom technology gives the user the ability to move seamlessly through high resolution situational coverage with no blind spots. This combination of software usability, helpful online resources, and camera options ranging between 2MP- 12 MP make this a great solution for companies of any size looking for something user friendly and expandable.

Vertical Markets

SeeTec GmbH

Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 2-6 Triwo Technologiepark, Building 511076646 Bruchsal, Germany

+49 0 7251 9290-0

Main Features of the Combined Solution

  • Clear layout with additional time saving features
  • Full online access to outstanding support, additional training resources and helpful design tools
  • Extensive range of supported standards, interfaces and integrations
  • VoIP-compatible capabilities directly in the software