Mirasys and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value

This solution offers limitless scalability and flexibilityby combining Sentry360’s progressive line of cameras with 2 upgradable software options through Mirasys, VMS Enterprise and VMS Pro. With this solution small businesses can have a cost efficient solution without compromising securityand large businesses have access toa system that can incorporate a substantial number of cameras and servers. Cost savings can be multiplied when utilizing Sentry360’s patented 360° technology to secure views while minimizing the need for multiple cameras.As a leading provider of VMS applications in the retail marketMirasys takes additional steps to ensure their features canmaximize operational efficiency by providing integration opportunities with EAS and POS software. The strategic installation of Sentry360 camerasat entrances and registers can efficiently track and monitor consumer behavior and buying habits by delivering full-motion, high-definition video.

Vertical Markets

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Main Features of the Combined Solution

  • Easy to use
  • Offers controlled costs due to scalability
  • Integration opportunities with EAS and POS software
  • Unique reporting and activity features to help organize data