Sentry360’s versatile product line combined with Milestone’s business ready options provide one of the most adaptable, scalable solutions in the industry. Our combined solution has had unparalleled success in airports, stadiums, and transportation markets across the world.  The Universal Milestone DeWarping™ Plugin, developed by Sentry360, utilizes our patented DeWarping™ algorithm to correct the fisheye’s perspective view and display single or multiple immersive angles from our single-sensor panoramic cameras.  This, in addition to our high-performing Ultra-HD and Body Wearable cameras, delivers a complete solution managed by the entire software suite of XProtect Products (Enterprise, Expert and Corporate).


Milestone Systems A/S (Headquarters)
Banemarksvej 50 C
DK-2605 Brøndby, Denmark
Telephone: +45 88 300 300
Fax: + 45 88 300 301

Milestone Systems Inc. (U.S.)
8905 SW Nimbus Avenue, Suite 400
Beaverton, OR 97008, USA
Telephone: 503-350-1100
Toll-free: 877-350-1101
Fax: 503-350-1199

Universal Dewarping Plug-In

Sentry360 Universal Dewarping Plugin for Milestone’s XProtect® Smart Client
The Sentry360 DeWarping™ Plugin extends XProtect® Smart Client functionality, allowing users to dewarp any 360 degree camera, from any manufacturer, using any fisheye lens. This includes viewing 360 degree cameras with a single dewarped perspective view, quad view, or panoramic view.

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Adding, Configuring, and Dewarping Sentry360 Cameras in Milestone XProtect® Smart Client
A step-by-step tutorial video on getting Sentry360 cameras configured and dewarped in Milestone software.

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Sentry360 Universal Milestone Dewarping Plugin Guide
The installation, configuration, and operation manual for the Sentry360 Universal Dewarping Plugin.

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Check here for the latest Milestone Device Pack to be sure your version of Milestone XProtect® Smart Client is compatible with all Sentry360 cameras.

Hardware Driver Name: Sentry Mini

Hardware Driver Name: Sentry Mini No PTZ

Hardware Driver Name: Sentry360 Pro

Vertical Markets

Milestone Systems A/S (Headquarters)

Banemarksvej 50 CDK-2605 Brøndby, Denmark

+45 88 300 300

+ 45 88 300 301


Main Features of the Combined Solution

  • Industry Leading Support
  • Open Platform Architecture
  • Flexible for small, medium and enterprise deployments
  • Two technology companies focused on continuous advancements in the security industry.