Genetec and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value

Sentry360 and Genetec provide an IP surveillance solution that allows for budgeted growth on a unified enterprise-class security platform. Security Center™, Genetec’s IP video management system is scalable and can easily incorporate the full range of Sentry360’s innovative 360° technology allowing for additional cost savings by minimizing camera counts. On top of utilizing Ultra-HD resolution cameras to deliver precision detail at extreme distances, this combined solution also provides one of the most future-proof, comprehensive systems on the market. This partnership sets a new standard for affordable, top of the line solutions catering to large-scale or multi-location applications.

Vertical Markets

Genetec Inc. Corporate Headquarters

2280 Alfred-Nobel Blvd. Suite 400, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4S 2A4

+1 514 332 4000

+1 866 684 8006

Main Features of the Combined Solution

  • Unified Security Platform
  • Intrusion and Perimeter Detection
  • Map-based layouts and user friendly navigation
  • Tailored features perfect for specific markets, i.e. Federation feature and mobile access