Briefcam and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value

Briefcam is a unique software that works by separating moving objects within the image from the background and tracks important information such as the date, time, object color, size and duration of movements. When this technology is combined with Sentry360’s full range of 180° or 360° cameras the situational coverage is beyond compare. This new breed of surveillance footage turns busy lobbies or parking lots into easily viewable, exportable video that requires only a fraction of the time to review. Sentry360’s high quality WDR capabilities provide the clearest image possible even in tough lighting conditions and once paired with either version of Briefcam’s VMS software, Forensic or Enterprise, the end user gets a truly exclusive, unique system.

Vertical Markets

BriefCam, Ltd.

2 HaMa’ayan Street, Modi’in Technology Park, Modi’in 71700 Israel


Main Features of the Combined Solution

  • Easier and faster investigation and review of video
  • Unique technology stores large amounts of information
  • One-click export of video clips
  • Video Synopsis® Technology allows rapid an accurate review of footage