3VR and Sentry360 Combined Solution Value:

To certify full compatibility with their VisionPoint™ VMS, 3VR tests all cameras from manufacturing partners in their labs. This testing has proven that Sentry360’s panoramic camera technology is one of the leading, most progressive solutions when teamed with the VisionPoint™ VMS system. The impressive user interface is a favorite in the finance industry and Sentry360’s true WDR and impressive IR features can bring additional detail and clarity into the toughest lighting situations. By combining intuitive bandwidth capabilities with phenomenal image quality the end user receives exceptional value for a fraction of the cost of other system combinations.

Vertical Markets:

3VR Inc. Headquarters

814 Mission Street, Suite 400 San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

+1 415049505797

+1 415049505797

+1 877 387 6061


Main Features of the Combined Solution:

  • Powerful User Interface
  • Reliable Mobile App
  • Seamless large scale and multi-site installations
  • Intuitive VMS with adaptive bandwidth capabilities