Meet The New Generation.

Take your surveillance to the next level.

  • Built-in WiFi Live streaming

    Comes equipped with wifi to transfer recordings and live stream stream high quality video.

    Manage with sentryView
  • Integrated GPS Track movements

    All sentry Mobile devices come with GPS Pre-installed in order to track each unit’s location.

    Manage with sentryCore
  • 140° Field-of-View Capture all the action

    Don’t miss any of the action with an 140-degree wide radial viewing area for recording high quality video and capturing photos.

  • Internal Storage 32 GB to 64 GB options

    Hold up to 64GB of high quality video recordings and photo captures without requiring any external memory.

  • Drop Resistance up to 8 feet

    The durable Sentry Mobile casing can resist falls up to 8-feet because we know $#!@ happens. your personnel won’t miss any of the action!

  • IP 67 Water Proof All weather

    Our Body Worn Cameras can record in any weather conditions. Protected against immersion in up to 1-meter of water.

Sentry360’s Value Proposition by contrast

Open Architecture- Works with existing and new video surveillance systems

Variety of application driven features and accessories

Designed by video surveillance experts


in bodyworn camera industry

Never-Ending recurring costs
Proprietary systems that can't communicate with 3rd party technology
They lock-up your evidence (Storage) and allow you access to it on there time-line

Designed by surveillance experts.

Chain of Custody

Centralized Storage Archive
Charging Station

Secure chain of custody is the process by which evidence is secured, transferred and distributed within a process of command and open platform architecture.

SentryMobile™ Body Cameras

Sentry360’s vast selection of Body Cameras can be viewed below



The SentryMobile S360-BW-GW35 is a mobile body worn camera designed for full chain-of-command mobile evidence collection.

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The SentryMobile S360-BW-GW25 is a mobile body worn camera designed for full chain-of-command mobile evidence collection.

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SentryMobile Total Solution

SentryMobile Total Solution

The SentryMobile™ is a complete Bodyworn camera system that provides the full solution of hardware, storage, charging and evidence management.

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