Key Features

SentryCore™ is Sentry360’s VMS solution which is provided for free. SentryCore™ is wonderful for both small, and medium size installations. Fully featured with remote viewing, 360-degree DeWarping™, camera mapping and placement, advanced storage optimization, and more! You can download the free, unrestricted trial by clicking the SentryCore™ installer link.

User-Friendly UI
360 Degree DeWarping
PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
Multiple Display
Interactive Mapping
Exporting Video Is A

Multi-Camera Display
(4 Cameras)

Multi-Camera Display
(9 Cameras)

Multi-Camera Display
(16 Cameras)

Interactive Mapping Feature

Dewarping The Image
(Live or After the fact)

Quad Dewarping

PTZ Control

Digital Zoom

Multi-camera playback

Exporting Video is a Breeze

Upgrade Information

The sentryCore Installer supports upgrading from previous versions containing Sentry360 cameras only.

Version Information

    • Release: January 8, 2016

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