OEM/ODM Partners

Sentry 360's OEM/ODM Partners

Sentry360’s OEM/ODM partner program has hands on approach in creating niche products for specific applications through software and hardware customization. Working closely with our partners we can co-create solutions to enable you and your product line to differentiate yourselves from competition while maintaining your brand awareness. The Sentry360 engineering team has extensive expertise in developing software in the following languages C, C++, Visual Basic and Java. We also have hardware prototype resources and partner with a leading assembly house which can produce your product with the proper certifications and Emissions.

Advantages: Our partners benefit from OEM solutions in a number of ways!

    • Licensed technology – OEM modules are supplied as a product purchase, including the technology license.
    • Faster time to market – OEM modules are implemented with a simple, easy to integrate interface.
    • Technology experience – OEMs can utilize the technology in their systems, relying on Sentry360’s extensive experience with custom software and hardware reference designs.
    • Certification included – OEM modules are approved with Certifications and Emissions – FCC Part 15, Class BS, and Certification CE &UL Listed.