Video Insight and Sentry 360 Partner with 360 Degree camera compatibility for the education market

Video Insight and Sentry 360 Partner with 360 Degree camera compatibility for the education market

Naperville, IL (September 3, 2009) Sentry 360 Security, Inc. announces an exciting technology partnership with Video Insight an enterprise class video surveillance system developer based in the U.S.

Thomas Carnevale president of Sentry 360 says, “Video Insight is a highly regarded feature rich IP Video & Hybrid Video Management Systems manufacturer who specializes in the education market.  With this new partnership Sentry 360 is the only 360-degree immersive camera manufacturer that integrates with this company to jointly offer full situational awareness into this growing market and to their 3500 campus install base.  This integration brings a powerful, top-quality solution to the surveillance community”

All of Sentry 360’s InSight™ CCD or CMOS fixed megapixel cameras and FullSight™ 360° immersive cameras are now supported in their new release IPSv4 which is available to all existing Video Insight clients.  Sentry 360 Security has an easy to use Application Programming Interface (API) for 3rd party Network Video Surveillance software companies for seamless integration.

According to James Whitcomb, Video Insight’s Chief Technology Officer, “We are very excited about the Sentry 360 cameras.  The Fullsight 360 is one of the best true 360 degree single lens cameras on the market today. With this new camera support, our new and existing customers can take advantage of the great features, such as, no blind-spots and no moving parts.”

About Video Insight, Inc.

Founded in 2002, Video Insight is a U.S. based developer of enterprise class video surveillance systems.  Our solutions are specifically designed for the multi campus environment and have been installed on over 3500 campuses.  Our mission is to protect the next generation of Americans by providing intelligent, easy to use IP security solutions.

About Sentry 360 Security, Inc.

Application driven multi-megapixel network cameras   Sentry 360 has two families of products: The FullSight™ is our 360-degree Immersive camera series with discreet mounting options to extreme temperature Vandal dome models ranging in resolution from 1290×1024 (1.3 megapixel) to 2560×1920 (5 megapixel).  The InSight™ series has a vandal dome, miniature dome and box style models ranging in resolution from 1280×960 (1.3 megapixel) CCD or CMOS to 4000×2656 (11 megapixel).  Sentry 360’s Less is More® system architecture it takes fewer cameras to buy, install, record and review while delivering more forensic detail and more situational awareness.