Spring 2014 Partner Conference Recap

Spring 2014 Partner Conference Recap

image001It was a great year at ISC West this year in Las Vegas. Each year brings about new and exciting products, the latest innovations, and solutions from the leading companies in the industry. The security industry is constantly growing and changing, and ISC West brings every part of the channel together in one place. It truly proves to be an event you can’t miss.

This year, Sentry360 put on another Partner Conference at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Traditionally, this conference has taken place the day before exhibition begins at the show, as a way of kicking off the week. This has proven to be a successful time both at ISC West 2013 as well as ASIS 2013 in Chicago. This is something we have done as a way of connecting with both old and new partners in addition to bringing together end-users, system integrators, and technology manufacturers all in one place. This year’s line-up of speakers was quite exceptional as we were honored to have Rob Mossman, CEO of ISONAS, Brian Hanson, Director of Partner Programs of Prism SkyLabs, Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliance Manager of Milestone Systems, and Thomas Carnevale, CEO of Sentry360.

Rob Mossman, CEO of ISONAS Security Systems, started off the conference discussing one indisputable fact of the industry: the world is changing, and with that we know that the opportunity is huge. In discussing this opportunity Rob shared with the attendees that half of the cameras sold in 2013 were IP enabled, showing that our world is becoming a network of IP addresses. The way security is being defined is changing, and with that come major implementation challenges for the end user. Rob went on to discuss the revolution that has taken place moving from analog to IP, and what IP offers the market. While a traditional system includes an 8-door panel with multiple copper wiring, takes up space and doesn’t give users the benefits of IP, ISONAS PowerNet System is equal to a traditional system using only a PowerNet reader-controller and a Cat 5 ethernet cable. “Pure IP access control will be the industry standard,” stated Mossman. It is easier to install and operate, and proves to be more flexible, stable, scalable and a less-expensive, proven technology. IMG_1659_reducedsize

Brian Hanson of Prism SkyLabs followed that up with his presentation entitled “Real-time imagery. Real-world insight.” Brian showed how cameras are not just for security anymore and with one camera comes many benefits. Prism SkyLabs gives the end-user the ability to see real-time images of any product, shelf, or display, while given the ability to conduct remote audits all from a phone, laptop or tablet. The auditing gives the convenience of “secret shopping on demand” to ensure popular items are in stock and even monitor customer-employee interaction. Using Prism SkyLabs and the cameras an end user already has, he or she has the advantage of powerful analytics in stunning visualizations and reports. The end-user could even measure conversion and understand long-term trends from dwell to footpaths to product lift. One exciting new innovation as discussed by Brian was a new way to visualize customer traffic through Heatmaps. “Using Heatmaps you can identify hotspots, recognize areas with low activity and assess the effectiveness of end caps and displays,” stated Hanson. A person can have an easy-to-understand visual of which products are picked up the most/least, and compare product interactions through different display setups. The benefits of Heatmaps are revolutionary in the retail market.

Next up was Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliance Manager for Milestone Systems. Like Sentry360, Milestone has a partner ecosystem which drives their brand awareness worldwide. Reinier discussed the value of being open platform and offering the freedom to choose. “Megapixels are in; 360-degree high resolution with broad field-of-view cameras are also in,” stated Tuinzing in discussing their partnership with Sentry360 cameras. Sentry360 is fully integrated with Milestone Systems, including our dewarping algorithm in Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client. Another exciting product discussed at this year’s Partner Conference was Milestone’s capability to turn smart phones into mobile camera sources with the capability of collective live video at the incident site and delivering back to the XProtect Recording Server.

Tom_PartnerConferenceThe last speaker of the day was Sentry360 President and CEO Thomas Carnevale who began with the question “Is HD enough?” as he began to tell attendees about a new category in surveillance: Ultra HD Resolution. Since the earliest documented use of CCTV in 1942, the evolution of resolution in the consumer market has grown exponentially, and finally the same high resolution available for home entertainment is coming to the video surveillance market.

“There was never any doubt that the evolution of CCTV would happen and eventually it would and should catch up to the consumer market. Wouldn’t that be only right? Shouldn’t the evidence collected in the public and private sectors, used to prosecute criminals, at least compare to the quality we can consume for home entertainment?” asked Carnevale, who then gave a teaser of the first audience to ever see the prototype of the world’s first 4K resolution mini dome.

Additionally, Thomas ended his presentation and the conference with a video clip from NBC Chicago of Sentry360’s feature story about a 3600-camera and counting deployment with the Chicago Transit Authority.



We were thrilled with this year’s turnout at the Spring 2014 Partner Conference in Las Vegas. It was a beneficial time to hear from an outstanding lineup of speakers and we are thrilled that they were a part of it. We at Sentry360 look forward to our next Partner Conference and for more opportunities to connect with both old and new partners.


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