Sentry360’s IS-IP14K named “New Product of the Year” for network cameras by Security Products Magazine

Sentry360’s IS-IP14K named “New Product of the Year” for network cameras by Security Products Magazine

PLAINFIELD, IL (September 17, 2013)— Sentry360, one of the fastest growing megapixel surveillance camera developers, is excited to announce that their InSight™ 14 megapixel camera has been named “New Product of the Year” for network cameras by Security Products Magazine.


This is the fifth successful year that Security Products Magazine has released the New Product of the Year awards. According to Security Products Magazine, “The award program honors the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security.”


Thomas Carnevale, President and CEO of Sentry360, stated “We were all very excited when we got the news that our IS-IP14K won this award,” he continued, “It is a breakthrough product in the category of Ultra Resolution surveillance and it’s a camera we are extremely proud of. Adding to it the title of ‘New Product of the Year’ by such a respected publication is truly an honor.”

This InSight™ 14 Megapixel camera is in the Ultra-Resolution Surveillance category (anything over 5 megapixels). Other products in this category have proprietary compression, as well as proprietary operating systems that are particularly large in size. Many other Ultra-Resolution Surveillance products have low frame-rates, poor image quality in low-light conditions, and due to the high level of power they consume, can cost several thousand dollars per unit. The IS-IP14K megapixel camera is a break-through product that changes the future of Ultra-Resolution Surveillance technology.

Security Products Magazine New Product of the Year

Not only is the IS-IP14K the world’s smallest 14 megapixel camera (4376×3280) it also consumes the lowest amount of power (4 watts). The idea behind the design was to create a simple and cost-effective camera that was still high performing for mass markets. The IS-IP14K can fit into most enclosures, dome or fixed housings, and is Onvif Compliant–making it widely accepted across a large framework of video management systems. Our patented OwlEye technology is featured in this camera and reduces noise in low-light conditions as well as providing the best nighttime image quality in its resolution class. In addition, other Ultra-Resolution cameras in the same class have a maximum frame rate of 1-2 while the IS-IP14K operates at six frames-per-second making usable video a reality in the category of Ultra-Resolution Surveillance.

To see this and other cameras in action, stop by ASIS International in Chicago, September 24-26, and visit Sentry360 at Booth 2240. Also, stop by and see our technology partner, 3VR, Inc. at Booth 2107 for a demonstration of our combined solution.

About Sentry360:

Sentry360 is a developer of application driven multi-megapixel network cameras. With exciting growth rates of over 250% in the past 24 months Sentry360 is quickly becoming one of the fastest Made-In-The-USA megapixel camera manufacturers in the industry. From 180°, 360° and Ultra Resolution cameras up to 14 megapixel Sentry360 believes in the single sensor single lens philosophy for Directional and Omni-Directional surveillance. Our successful markets include Retail, Transportation, Industrial, Education, Banking, Oil and Gas, and Corrections.