Sentry360 Expands Global Sales Channel

Sentry360 Expands Global Sales Channel

December 5th 2011 Plainfield, IL Sentry360, a leading developer of advanced multi-megapixel surveillance cameras, today announced a major advancement to scaling up its global sales presence by hiring top manufacturers’ representative firms to help service the overwhelming demand for Sentry360’s situational awareness cameras.

Industry reports indicate that the video surveillance industry is seeing continued growth, with the number of installed cameras at over 100 million worldwide and climbing annually. According to users, Sentry360’s multi-megapixel 360-degree immersive imaging and directional cameras actually reduce the amount of cameras needed to cover a given environment, thereby reducing both cost and complexity.

“We are very excited to be announcing our growing partnerships for regional expansion into the world’s security world markets. This expansion demonstrates our continued commitment to providing superior products and services to our customers on a global scale,” said Alan Waxenberg, Vice President of Business Development at Sentry360. “We believe our partnership with manufacturers’ representative firms will be instrumental in building awareness for our efficient, high megapixel, 360 Degree camera solutions that advance the evolution of video surveillance technology.”

To facilitate the expansion, Sentry360 has entered into sales contracts with the following companies and International territories: BioStream Axxonsoft Security Solutions covering the Middle East and India, Natech Universal Technology (Pty) Ltd covering South Africa and Harper Morgan covering the UK and Ireland.

In the USA, the following manufacturers rep firms are listed with there regional territories by state, Charles & Associates covers MO, KY, IN, OH, West PA, West NY; HeitneREPS covers FL, GA, MS, AL, NC, SC, TN; LCA Sales Co. covers, Metro NY, NJ, Middle and East PA, DE, CT, MD, VA; Professional Alarm Representation covers TX, OK, AR, LA; Somerville Security Associates CA, NV, AZ, HI;  and finally Integrity Sales covering NM, CO, UT, WY, MT and ID.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Sentry360 and view their camera offering as complementary to our current offerings” states LCA President, Joel Schwartz. “The value proposition of 360-degree panoramic video is to solve the problem of blind-spots and poor resolution by reducing camera counts and delivering complete situational awareness will be a great addition to our portfolio of surveillance solutions.” “We are very excited about the Sentry 360 cameras.  The Fullsight 360 is one of the best true 360 degree single lens cameras on the market today. With this new camera technology, we can offer our customers a new paradigm for video surveillance that can take advantage of its great features, such as, no blind-spots and no moving parts” Says Tim Shiner President & Owner, Par Products.

“BioStream is very pleased to represent the wide variety of exciting new 360-degree megapixel cameras from Sentry 360”Comments “Dr. Ateeq Rahman, CEO of BioStream Security.” Our requirements for situational awareness are pivotal to the security of our customers which include institutions, museums, retail establishments, industrial organizations, government & military all of which have great security concerns. The Sentry360 camera portfolio can help maintain vigilance in our highly visible region of the world.