Sentry 360 and Teleste Partner with 360 Degree camera compatability for High-End security applications

Sentry 360 and Teleste Partner with 360 Degree camera compatability for High-End security applications

Naperville, IL (September 3, 2009) Teleste and Sentry 360 have formed an integration partnership between Sentry’s advanced 360-degree immersive camera product line and Teleste’s enterprise video management systems.

“With a strong focus on “High-End” Security applications Teleste delivers robust encoding & IP Video management solutions dedicated to managing a very high quantity of cameras in an efficient and redundant fashion with 0 point of failure,” says Thomas Carnevale President and CEO of Sentry 360.

FullSight™ technology is designed to deliver advanced situational awareness to end-users who may be viewing multiple camera feeds attempting to piecemeal an investigation together.  No blind-spots coming from 1 vantage point allows investigators to see the whole story in high resolution with no unbroken video.  All of Sentry 360’s CCD or CMOS fixed megapixel cameras and 360° immersive cameras will be supported in their latest release which will soon be available to all existing Teleste clients.  Sentry 360 Security has an easy to use Application Programming Interface (API) for 3rd party Network Video Surveillance software companies for seamless integration.

According to Jim Connors Director of Sales for North America, “Teleste is very pleased to offer integration with a wide variety of exciting new 360-degree megapixel cameras from Sentry 360.  The first of its kind full 360-degree video product line will present great options for different applications to our current and future clients and partners.”

About Teleste

Teleste is an international technology group specialized in broadband video and data communication systems and services. The group is divided into two Strategic Business Areas: Broadband Cable Networks and Video Networks. Broadband Cable Networks serves cable operators and a major part of its business activities are handled through direct customer contact. Video Networks supplies solutions for optical signal transmission and video network management software solutions for video surveillance and a major part of its business is handled through system integrators. Both Business Units are among the leading providers in their market areas and are globally recognized for their know-how and ability to produce technically cutting edge solutions year after year.

About Sentry 360 Security, Inc.

Sentry 360 is a developer of application driven multi-megapixel network cameras   Sentry 360 has two families of products: The FullSight™ is our 360-degree Immersive camera series with discreet mounting options to extreme temperature Vandal dome models ranging in resolution from 1290×1024 (1.3 megapixel) to 2560×1920 (5 megapixel).  The InSight™ series has a vandal dome, miniature dome and box style models ranging in resolution from 1280×960 (1.3 megapixel) CCD or CMOS to 4000×2656 (11 megapixel).  Sentry 360’s Less is More® system architecture it takes fewer cameras to buy, install, record and review while delivering more forensic detail and more situational awareness.