Launching ‘Launch AVIDD’ – The Industry Reacts

Launching ‘Launch AVIDD’ – The Industry Reacts


One week prior to our big unveil of we received several hundred applicants, emails, questions, and followers of our unique mission we’re calling the Anti-Kickstarter Campaign. By now, everyone’s familiar with what a “Kick-Starter” campaign is; project creators rallying supporters, making them feel special by including them in the ground floor stages of a new product, company, or idea. They need your money to fund the project and give you an incentive to hop on-board, and per Kick Starter rules, won’t receive any money until their goal is met – all or nothing. This comes with big risks. First, there is a good chance your money could be lost if the inventor can’t deliver; second, you could be held in a long drawn out holding pattern if there are delays in manufacturing.
We decided to interview a few of the LaunchAViDD ‘Explorers’ to see why they wanted to become part of our mission. Peter Pavlov, Principal Architect for Physical Security, at Skyline Technology IMG_0295Solutions, a system integrator based in Baltimore, Maryland said, “What really caught my attention was the solicitation for feedback from system integrators.” Pavlov, a 14-year-veteran, explained that he felt the industry has gotten away from this in the past 5-10 years and remembers several companies in the early 2000’s allowing users to test pre-production models. He continued, “Often times engineers may think they have a great idea in the lab but when comes down to implementation, it’s just another camera or doesn’t have any practical application.”
Too often there is no substance behind unveiling a new technology to the industry. Jeff Mueller, Chief Technology Officer for Sentry360, said, “Out of frustration and, quite honestly, the desire to capitalize on our hard work in developing this technology, we felt obligated to do something different and to make a real connection with users.”
Mike Korcuba, Vice President of Enterprise Accounts at Telaid said, “What I’ve found in the industry over the last decade and a half is manufacturers tend to use the ‘scattergun’ approach as they launch products into several categories and see which one sticks. There should be more engagement with focus groups and end-user process by which a group defines the benefits. Instead, there is a focus on features, but the features are essentially useless until the benefits are realized, and I think most manufacturer’s overlook that when they bring technology to market. I think that’s what Sentry360 is trying to accomplish in this campaign and I’m happy to be a part of it!”
In our simple application form we ask users to give some basic information and to answer nine questions:
1. Please briefly describe your experience in the IP video surveillance market.

2. What brands of IP / megapixel cameras are your top two favorites? *

3. What Video Management Software brands are your top two favorites? *

4. What types of camera are you most interested in testing? HD, Ultra-HD, 180 (Panoramic) or 360

5. If AVIDD lives up to the hype, would you consider either using or recommending it for a project in the future?

6. If AVIDD doesn’t meet your criteria or disappoints you, do you agree to return it to Sentry360? We will pay for shipping.

7. Do you commit to test AVIDD, or assign someone within your organization, to test under basic procedures? For example, heavy traffic areas, varying lighting conditions, frame rates, bandwidth, etc.

8. Do you, or the person you’ve assigned to test, agree to communicate with our support team if you’re having an issue? *

9. Upon completion of testing, do you agree to take a survey, which could be up to 50 questions and take 1 hour of your time?

KV Swami, an End-User who signed up had this to say, “The unique part about LaunchAvidd is that I can test the product even before it’s released and I’ll have the ability to give feedback on features and functionality as it relates to my application. I want to get the most out of a camera that I can and leverage every feature it has to offer,” KV Swami oversees technology for BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha(r) and is responsible for designing and testing surveillance technology for their organization’s Global facilities. KV switched to IP Video five years ago, primarily to improve image quality and put his organization in a position to scale as they grow, and to have preemptive alerts and alarms.
Sentry360 has staged dozens of documentary style videos and articles throughout the course of the campaign to deliver true insight into the why of the design and architecture and what challenges were faced in the process. Some include: “Our Experience with 3D Printing”, “Environment Challenges and Breakthroughs” and “True Decentralized Edge Storage”. Regarding the overall transparency of the testing procedure and design philosophy of future releases in the Avidd campaign, “That’s important to me is because I’m the one responsible for designing systems (for various government clients) and it helps me to create a better design and saves me time to see the testing procedures so I can be careful which applications this product is the best fit for based on my understanding of my customers challenges in the field,” stated Michael LaVallee, RCDD, Principal Engineer for Envistacom.
Clint Ashby, Director of Network Services for Envistacom, said, “My initial reaction was excitement to see something new in this industry. When we have the opportunity to see the design process of a product it helps us to make better use of it and to then create a solution for our customers more efficiently.”
To learn more about AVIDD and to inquire about joining our campaign, go to

Written by Thomas Carnevale, Founder and CEO of Sentry360

Quoted in the article:
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• End-User: KV Swami Technology Overseer at BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha(r)
• Government Contracting System Integrator: Clint Ashby- Director, Network Services & Michael LaVallee, RCDD, Principal Engineer at Envistacom
• System Integrator: Mike Korcuba Vice President, Enterprise Accounts at Telaid