Introducing Sentry360’s Own Camera Configuration Tool — sentryView™!

Introducing Sentry360’s Own Camera Configuration Tool — sentryView™!

PLAINFIELD, IL (December 3, 2013)–Sentry360, one of the fastest-growing megapixel surveillance camera developers, is excited to announce a better, easier, and faster way of installing IP video, sentryView™. Best of all,  sentryView™ is FREE with the use of Sentry360 cameras.

Configuring analog cameras was a simple, plug-and-play process for installers but because many are switching to, or in the process of switching to IP video, they’re finding that the configuration of these cameras is not as easy. Installers were spending time and money going through the steps of installing IP videos by mounting all cameras, plugging them into the network switch, and connecting to NVR or VMS server. After this was complete, installers were going to each individual web page of each camera and configuring the IP address in addition to video motion detection, image quality settings and user name and password. After configuring each IP address, installers were then having to go back to the NVR or VMS server to enter all the data that was previously configured on the IP network.

With the diversity, size and individual challenges of each system, many of these steps to configure IP cameras were being easily misjudged or forgotten.

Now, with the help of sentryView™, you can configure up to 250 IP cameras in five easy steps and it takes less than two minutes.

Watch the video below to see how sentryView™ can save you time and money on your IP video camera installs. Remember, sentryView™ is an easy-to-use software that is FREE with the use of Sentry360 cameras.

Download sentryView™ Today!