milestone universal dewarping plugin

Universal Milestone Dewarping Plugin

The Sentry360 Universal Milestone Dewarping Plugin extends XProtect® Smart Client functionality, allowing users to dewarp any fisheye 360 degree camera from any manufacturer. This includes viewing 360 degree cameras with a single dewarped perspective view, quad view, or panoramic view. This functionality is available in both live and playback views. The plugin is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.

Calibrating Any Fisheye 360 Degree Camera in XProtect Smart Client

Using our proprietary calibration process, it’s easy to configure any fisheye 360 degree camera, for use with the plugin. Simply align the circle around the fisheye image, and calibration is complete.


That’s it! After calibrating, you can view the fisheye image through single view, panoramic, or quad view, as shown below. For more detail about the calibration process, watch our tutorial on YouTube.



 Go  Essential Express  Professional  Enterprise  Expert  Corporate
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 No  X  X


Use of the Universal Dewarping Plugin is free with any Sentry360 cameras. For non-Sentry360 manufactured cameras, please contact a sales representative for more information on pricing. Customers may request a free 7 day trial of the plugin.

In order to obtain licenses for your cameras, you must generate an order file through the installed plugin, and submit to Sentry360. See the PDF guide included with the download for more details about orders and licenses.

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