“ Those Who Say It Can’t Be Done Are Usually Interrupted By Others Doing It.” James A. Baldwin

Thomas Carnevale – Founder / CEO

Thomas Carnevale is the founder and CEO of Sentry360. Thomas founded Sentry360 out of a basement in 2004, but started as a Telecommunications System Integrator. With a background in the telecommunications industry, Thomas took his technical insights into the security industry and began his first entrepreneurial start-up – JCS Digital Security. The premiere focus was to integrate the best-in-breed surveillance technologies for all of their commercial and governmental clients. Thomas provides the vision behind Sentry360’s product road map and business model.
Tom Carnevale was recently named a Scholar-level consultant which means he is in demand over 70% in a pool of over 400,000. As an active speaker in the security industry, Thomas has spoken on topics such as IP Video Convergence, Intelligent Video Applications, Video Storage Compression, and Ultra HD Surveillance.