“Those Who Say It Can’t Be Done Are Usually Interrupted By Others Doing It.” James A. Baldwin

Thomas Carnevale – Founder / CEO

Thomas Carnevale is the founder and CEO of Sentry360. Thomas founded Sentry360 out of a basement in 2004, but started as a Telecommunications System Integrator. With a background in the telecommunications industry, Thomas took his technical insights into the security...

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Adam Stines – Executive Vice President

Adam Stines is Sentry360’s Executive Vice President. He brings a vast history of industries, all of which have made him a vital part to the Sentry360 executive team. In his early career, he was a golf professional who worked at...

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Jeff Mueller – Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Mueller is Sentry360’s Chief Technology Officer. With over 15 years experience designing and coding software, as well as engineering complex projects with Infrared Counter Measures and wireless and mobile applications for both the defense and space industries, Jeff Mueller advances...

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