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In Sentry360’s CHANNEL PARTNER Program the PEOPLE come first!

Sentry360 is committed to supporting you every step of the way. We offer a program that is built on value, innovation, and commitment. Our Channel Partner Program lets you decide the level of participation that is most appropriate for your business and provides the highest return based on your value proposition. We have set the stage for success that supports you at every step, from pre-sales to sales and marketing incentives. You can add Sentry360’s innovative, sustainable and cost effective solution to your product portfolio and differentiate yourself from the competition.

The Sentry360 Channel Partner Program is designed with the knowledge that we don’t have to sell to you but to your clients! We offer a plus in advantages to  companies that are already have a proven track record in IP Video Security, but also “newbie’s” in this market can benefit from the knowledge and experience that Sentry360 has built over the years.

Marketing & Sales Support

Receive project pricing support & protection

Priority Product Information

Learn from Sentry360’s years of knowledge & experience

Be at the cutting edge of new technology and developments

Go green with the Sentry360 green surveillance program

Lead the way in the fast growing 360° Megapixel IP Video Security market

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