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Sentry360’s Green Technology Provides Scalable Solution for Nation’s Largest Natural Gas Fueling Depots

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Clean Energy was faced with the challenge of monitoring multiple locations of fueling depots and having usable video evidence in the event of theft or misuse of equipment. Sentry360 needed to strategize a security system that incorporated the latest surveillance technology capable of providing unparalleled detail and coverage at each site.  As the largest provider of natural gas fuel for North America, Clean Energy has more than 300 locations in the continental US, and is constantly expanding their operation to provide a cleaner, more cost effective source of fuel for transportation. Sentry360 was called upon to provide a unique solution that was able to deliver complete situation coverage and provide investigative quality detail at specific choke points.
“More is Less”


Sentry360’s InSight™ fixed camera line combines superior sensor technology coupled with a mechanical IR cut filter for true day/night performance to deliver forensic quality images in 5, 10, and 14 Megapixel resolutions. Sentry360’s FullSight™ 360 and Fullsight™ 180 cameras maximize coverage using their single sensor and single lens engineering. By utilizing a combination of both camera lines, Clean Energy is able to capture details such as license plates, vehicle descriptions, operator identification, and overall activity on the premises. All of this is achieved using a fewer number of cameras than traditional security designs.

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The Insight™ camera line incorporates a wide field of view with the ability to digitally zoom into both recorded and live video. Instead of using a PTZ camera, the high resolution InSight™ line is recording everything in the scene, ensuring that no event is going un-recorded. Clean Energy was also able to take advantage of the situational coverage provided by Sentry360’s 360 Degree and 180 Degree cameras. The FullSight™ camera line allowed the client to capitalize on the benefits of panoramic cameras in that there was less footage to review and record, and less cameras to install and maintain. All of Sentry360’s cameras are capable of simultaneous streaming of H.264, the industry standard for video compression. This feature allowed Clean Energy to record footage both locally and remotely at each of their locations.



Sentry360’s cameras have provided a total surveillance solution for each of Clean Energy’s locations. The culmination of high-megapixel fixed cameras and panoramic cameras have delivered a system that is unattainable using conventional security deployments. This solution allows for the response and review of incidents as they occur across numerous locations, as well as the ability to scale their system as their company continues to grow.