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City Schools (Thailand)

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schoolcasestudy-1While an exciting tourist destination due to its climate and beautiful beaches, Pattaya City in thailand is also home for many young families with children. Pattaya City has 11 schools with over 16,000 students in both the primary and secondary schools. Pattaya City is a self-governing municipal area which covers Nong Prue, Na Kluea, and parts of Huai Yai and Nong Pla Lai. the city itself is located in the heavily industrial Eastern Seaboard along with Si Racha, Laem Chabang, and Chonburi. The total population of the area is well over 1,000,000 and growing.


The goal for this project was overall safety for the students, faculty, and staff of these 11 schools in the Pattaya City area. With a vocal community and a number of concerned parents, Point IT Consulting began looking for the right solution. Around the same time, a city-wide policy began that mandated the use of CCTV in certain areas, including the Pattaya City Schools. There was a need to have cameras that could be used both inside the buildings as well as outside in the playground areas where the children had free time. In coming across Sentry360’s 360° technology, Pattaya City School officials along with Point IT Consulting saw that one FullSight™ camera could replace up to four traditional analog cameras. This ensured that if an incident occurred in or outside of the school, the cameras wouldn’t miss a thing. the school set up a relationship with Pattaya City Hall and the police department, to be in steady communication with each other.


Almost 400 Sentry360 cameras have been installed to-date including the IS-IP200-DN and the FS-IP5000 on the Teleste Video Management System, with plans to expand the system further with more cameras in 2015. The solution of Sentry360 cameras and the Teleste Video Management System has given the community and the parents the peace of mind knowing that the schools are secure and monitored. The solution has also helped to create a valuable relationship between the Pattaya City Schools and the Police Department, giving both parties the reassurance that overall safety of everyone at the school is the number one priority.



The Teleste Video Management System allows for easy monitoring of the many areas throughout the campuses

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