Top Security Camera Blog Award

Top Security Camera Blog Award


Sentry360 has been awarded one of the Top Security Camera Blog Awards. This award was given to us by the popular closed-circuit television (CCTV) blog at Feedspot. We at Sentry360 greatly appreciate this award and are grateful to be viewed as a leading provider of security solutions all across the world.

With so many security solution providers offering their services and products, it is imperative that we continually strive to improve our products and service for our customers. We are constantly improving our products to ensure that you get the best technology available! Our blog helps to keep the public up to date on current trends and our new, innovative products!

Award medal for having the top security camera blog

Our Security Cameras

Our security cameras use the latest and most advanced technology available. Recently we have released several new security cameras including our 180° / 360° Multi-Imager Vandal Dome camera, the FS-D10! This innovate video surveillance camera allows you to monitor both a 360° fisheye view and a 180° fixed-focal view. This is just one of the many amazing aspects of security that we are starting to see become a reality. With security and safety being our #1 goal for customers and the general public, there are no limits to what we will work to achieve!

Body-Worn Security Cameras

Body-worn security cameras have also seen an outstanding rise in popularity in the past couple of years. With the constant need for video surveillance in fields such as law enforcement or lab and field testing, it's no surprise that body-worn cameras are becoming so popular! We've taken this interest and created our own solutions for both body cameras and its complementary evidence management software. With our solutions, you can easily record, store, and manage everything from audio to video with ease!

Network Video Recorders

Our open-platform SentryEdge™ NVRs act as a server, switch, and storage device for all your security surveillance needs. We strive for simplicity and complete freedom in our security designs. With our network video recorders, you can use ANY video management system and ANY camera to get the clear-cut video evidence you need!

The Future

The future holds many interesting and exciting things to come! Follow our blog to keep up to date with the latest trends and security solutions! With technology constantly advancing at a rapid pace, it's important to be certain that you and your facility stays up to date with the latest technology. We at Sentry360 will be sure to deliver that information to you! For additional information on our company and what we're all about, get in contact with us or call us at (630) 355-3440!