• Salient System’s CompleteView Video Management System and Sentry360’s DeWarping Target High End Markets

    Plainfield, IL (September 24, 2014) – Sentry360, one of the fastest growing IP camera manufacturers in the industry, announced today the integration of Salient System’s CompleteView video management system (VMS) with their award- winning product line of high-megapixel surveillance cameras. CompleteView is built for seamless IP camera support and is available in CompleteView ONE, CompleteView Pro or CompleteView Enterprise to...

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  • Teleste and Sentry360 Integration Creates Transit Blueprint

    Teleste and Sentry360 have been working closely together to deliver the largest 360-degree railcar onboard camera deployment in the history of mass transit for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). This installation has been a long time in the making, with Sentry360 cameras first being implemented in 2010 as part of a pilot scheme by CTA. Following a recent webinar examining...

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